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The printing equipment of "Print-Design" consists of 5 flexographic machines: two of them are eight-color machines, the other three are six-color machines.

For printing orders from 50 kg to 500 kg we use machines ZBS-820. For printings with weight beyond 500 kg we use an Italian servomotor machine ComiFlex-1703 with a central reel which provides perfect color registration even on highly stretching materials. We use a print step up to 800 mm and printing material width up to 1550 mm.

All our macines are equipped with:

Quality control

For providing stability we use professional color control system X-Rite eXact compliant with standards:


For lamination we use solvent laminator (2 pieces). Laminated rolls already can be slit after 4 hours of delay. This provices us with high work speed. Except single-layer lamination, our equipment allows to perform two-layer and three-layer lamination, after which your package acquired barrier and light blocking properties.


For installation of photopolymer molds with your individual design we use streamline mold sticker Optimasmart with perfect positioning which allows not only to stick your molds perfectly smoothly but also combine your different brands in one printing. This means, if you have many different brands, they can be combined in one printing for saving time, funds and wastes.

Slitting equipment

For slitting printed material into final streams we use a slitting machine SOMA made in Czech Repuiblic which has width 1350 mm and allows to slit any roll material with thickness from 8 to 500 mkm into very narrow streams from 2 cm width, with working speed up to 400 meters in a minute, and wind up rolls with diameter up to 600 mm.

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