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Self-adhesive labels

Our company produces self-adhesive labels on paper, thermal paper, transparent, metallized and white films. Paper is the most stable material, providing the highest adhesion to any surface, including metal, plastic and glass.

If resistance to a humid environment is required, then the best solution is a film that is transparent (glossy and matte), metallized, pearl and white.

Thermal paper is designed to enable the customer to apply additional information to the label using a thermal printer.

Self-adhesive labels
Self-adhesive labels

Bottle labels

Structures of packaging materials:
BOPP pearly, BOPP transparent, BOPP+BOPP.

In a self-service environment, a product is sold by a label. When buying a bottle with a drink, the consumer is guided, first of all, by how it looks and what is written on it. And the better the label is made, the more popular the product, the higher the income of manufacturers.

In order to attract the consumer's attention to your products, we offer labels for bottles based on transparent, pearl and metallized polypropylene films of various densities.

Bottle labels
Bottle labels

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